what makes us so DIFFERENT

“My favourite coffee shop in Vietnam! Even though I work outside of Hanoi I never hesitate coming to this place whenever I’m in the city on my days off. Such a warm and friendly little shop with great drinks and cakes(the red velvet is my personal favourite). But what really keeps me coming back every week is the polite and friendly staff who always make you feel welcome� They take the time to speak to all their customers and take an interest in what they are doing. The notes are also a plus and I keep all the notes that I get when they give me my drinks( maybe I will make a collage with them some day�) The fact that they recognise me every week makes it a real home away from home for me. Looking forward to coming back again and again so long as I’m around Hanoi!!�” –  Callan Williams

“It’s a truly unique experience to have a cup of coffee surrounded by messages of people from all over the world.” –  Alicia Harman